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We are delighted to announce the launch of our 2024 Online Summer Programmes. A unique selection from our team of experts will be running a series of Summer Intensives and Pop-Up Programmes delivered online to bring the latest insights into various aspects of elite education, careers, and university preparation and application. All of our team are drawn from the best universities in the world - Oxford, Cambridge and London - and we look forward to helping students maximise their summer and gain a unique experience beyond the classroom.

Online Pop-Up Programmes

This summer Avernus Education will offer bespoke and personalised programmes, all with the aim of embracing our philosophy of Education Beyond the Classroom

Our 5-day 'Pop-Up' Programmes provide the perfect opportunity for students to work fully online, directly with our expert advisors and tutors from Oxbridge and London universities, gaining cutting edge insights into specialised subject areas, knowledge enhancement, potential career paths, and university application strategy.

Oxbridge Inspire Course: Application strategy 24th July - 28th July

Oxbridge Inspire Course:
Application strategy
24th July - 28th July

Law Week: An Insider's Guide 31st July - 4th August

Law Week:
An Insider's Guide
31st July - 4th August

Young Leaders Forum: Debate, Public Speaking and Leadership 7th August - 11th August
Mini MBA: Business, Economics, Finance and Negotiation 14th August - 18th August

Young Leaders Forum: Debate, Public Speaking and Leadership
7th August - 11th August

Mini MBA: Business, Economics, Finance and Negotiation
14th August - 18th August

*Pop-Up Programmes run online Monday-Friday,

Law Week
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Law Week - £400

Led by our Careers Consultant Adrian, Law Week is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about a potential career and degree choice that is highly prestigious among UK and HK students. Adrian recieved an MA in Law from the University of Oxford, and spent nearly-30 years as a Partner at top UK and international firms. Named as a 'Leading Individual' by Legal 500, and described as a 'formidable negotiator' in his Band 1 ranking of Chambers UK - he has a wealth of experience and wisdom to pass on to the young leaders of the future. And get to meet current Cambridge Law students and ask them questions!

  • Exploring the Law: An Introduction to Legal Concepts and Frameworks

  • Building Essential Skills for Law and Leadership

  • Preparing for Success: Mastering Law School Admissions (including Interviews and LNAT Test)

  • Beyond Moot Court: Developing Critical Thinking and Oral Advocacy Skills

  • Emerging Issues in Law

  • Leadership: Navigating the Future

Oxbridge Inspire

Oxbridge Inspire Course - £400

Step into the world of academia with Avernus Education's 5-day Oxbridge Inspire Camp and discover the full potential of your academic abilities. Our experienced mentors, who are all graduates of the prestigious Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, will take you on a journey of intellectual exploration that will prepare you for the challenges of studying at two of the world's most prestigious institutions. You'll have the chance to explore the courses, colleges, and academic life of Oxbridge, while also learning about the rich history and culture of these iconic institutions. Our subject-experts will share their elite knowledge and insights, helping you to develop the essential skills and academic potential necessary for success in higher education.


In addition, our team of experienced mentors will provide personalised guidance on how to prepare for the interview process, admissions tests, and personal statements. You'll learn about effective application strategies and how to showcase your unique qualities and achievements to stand out in the competitive admissions process.

Whether you're a high school student seeking to enhance your academic profile or a university-bound undergraduate looking for a competitive edge, our Oxbridge Inspire Camp is the perfect opportunity to discover the best universities in the world and prepare for your future academic and professional aspirations. Don't miss out on this unique and transformative experience - join us today!

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Young Leades
Image by Headway

Young Leaders Forum: Debate, Public Speaking and Leadership - £400

Join Avernus Educations' 5-day Young Leaders Forum, where your child will learn the skills necessary to become the politicians and business leaders of the future. Led by experienced mentors from the University of Cambridge and Oxford, this forum is perfect for students looking to develop their public speaking, critical thinking, and leadership abilities.


Over the course of the forum, students will participate in engaging activities and workshops that will help them hone their skills and unlock their full potential. They will learn to communicate effectively and persuasively, build confidence and resilience, and gain a deeper understanding of complex global issues.

  • Develop critical thinking and public speaking

  • Receive personalised feedback and guidance from our mentors

  • Learn how to deliver powerful arguments

  • Gain insights into leadership

  • Discover techniques for effective team collaboration

  • Participate in group debates and discussions

  • Hear from inspiring leaders

Mini MBA

Mini MBA: Business, Economics, Finance and Negotiation - £400

Unleash your full potential with Avernus Education's Mini MBA: Business, Economics, Finance and Negotiation course. Over five intensive days, our expert mentors, with a wealth of experience in top businesses, will guide you through the world of business and finance, giving you the competitive edge in your academic and professional aspirations.

Our Mini MBA program will give you an in-depth understanding of essential business concepts, including economics, finance, marketing, and negotiation. You'll learn how to think strategically, analyse financial statements, and understand market dynamics, essential skills to becoming a successful business leader of tomorrow. Our team of mentors will provide you with first-hand knowledge of real-world business situations, offering case studies, simulations, and interactive workshops, giving you a taste of life in the business world. They will guide you in the development of your leadership and teamwork skills, allowing you to excel both academically and professionally.


By the end of the course, you'll have developed a strong foundation in business, economics, finance, and negotiation, ready to take on the challenges of higher education or the business world. Don't miss this opportunity to take the first step towards your future success - join us for the Mini MBA course today!



Bespoke Online Tutoring (£95 per hour)

Our tutoring and mentorship extends to all subjects and exam boards. Examples include:

  • Homework Help

  • Study Skills

  • General tuition

  • Subject tuition

  • English Conversation and Accent Class

  • Test Preparation


  • Maths and Essay Competitions

  • Reading (Beginner -Advanced)

  • A levels and GCSEs

  • Essay Writing

  • Debate and Public Speaking

  • Admissions Assessments: LNAT, BMAT, UCAT, STEP, HAT, ELAT, TSA etc.

  • UK University Applications: Including Personal Statement, Interviews, Course/University Choice

  • IB Subjects

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