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Avernus Education is a leading provider of educational services and residential courses. Our two-week Oxford Summer Course provides a transformative and enjoyable educational experience to students from around the globe at a world-class university. Our Explore Law courses help students to broaden their academic horizons, further their passion and interest in Law, and get ahead in the competitive environment of Law university applications and their career. We look forward to welcoming you to the programme!

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Explore Law Programme
At Oxford University 

During our Explore Law summer course, you will participate in a comprehensive curriculum covering the essentials of the legal system, human rights, criminal law, international law and contract law. You will get the opportunity to explore the legal profession through a series of dynamic academic knowledge enhancement and enrichment sessions, and be able to witness a mock trial first-hand. Below is a sample of the different modules that are delivered throughout the two week programme to all participants.

Law Programme Overview

Criminal Law

  • Introduction to Law and the Legal System: Understand the purpose of law. Explore the court structure and hierarchy of the legal system. Find out about the general legislative process.

  • History of Law: Take a deep dive into the history of law. See how law has changed from ancient times to the modern days both in the west and the east.

  • Explore Criminal Law: Gain an overview of Criminal Law. Take part in a mock trial and play various case scenarios, including jury, witnesses, bailiff, defence counsel, prosecutor, and defendant.

  • Mock Trial: Students will have time to prepare their arguments and the mock trial teaches the students how to present the ideas in public and to assess, examine and criticise information.

Business Law

  • Business Law: Learn the fundamentals of business law while you discover how knowledge of the legal system is crucial for all professionals.

  • Contract Law: Looking at the what is necessary to create a binding contract: offer, acceptance, certainty of terms, intention to be bound, and consideration.

  • Investigate Business Law: Investigate, analyse and synthesise legal principles relating to commercial transactions, corporations and other forms of business organisations.

  • Careers in Law: Learn the steps to become a lawyer, including solicitor and barrister. Meet a young law professional and learn from their success.

International Law and Human Rights

  • Introduction to Law and the Legal System: Understand the purpose of law. Explore the court structure and hierarchy of the legal system. Find out about the general legislative process.

  • Human Rights: You will examine human rights research methods, advocacy and campaigning strategies. While look at the growing challenges faced by human rights professionals and highlights opportunities to overcome them

  • International Law: Develop an understanding of international affairs through the study of the legal frameworks which ostensibly govern them.

  • International Legal Case: Classes are taught in a manner that encourages participation through role-plays, small group discussions, and question and answer sessions plus a mock trial.


Law School Application Masterclass

Go beyond the school curriculum to ignite and foster your passion by being exposed to degree level concepts and bespoke subject knowledge enhancement and tuition. The curriculum is delivered by our expert advisors and tutors, all from leading British universities. Alongside core subject exploration sessions, every student on our residential courses will participate in exclusive university preparation masterclass clinics. From degree strategy and university selection, to how to craft a compelling Personal Statement and perform during an interview, our range of exciting application mentorship sessions will ensure participants are able to get the edge and stand out from the competition during their university applications and beyond.

Our highly qualified staff members are experts in their academic subject areas and pastoral care. We are especially proud of the quality of our teaching and mentorship. Our team has a deep understanding of the UK education system as well as the ambitions of international students. Avernus Education works in close partnership with students and their parents to provide a holistic and unique experience for all our students. Contact us for more information and a course brochure.

*Avernus Education is not affiliated to the University of Cambridge, Oxford and London, nor their constituent colleges

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