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Application Preparation,

Strategy & Guidance

At Avernus Education, we believe that every student deserves individualised support in reaching their own personal educational and ultimate career goals. Our goal is to simplify the application process for top UK universities and provide our students with a competitive advantage. We understand that getting into a top UK university can have a huge impact on a child's future and we are dedicated to helping our students achieve this goal.

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A Competitive Advantage

Our students receive individualised support in every aspect of their journey, from initial consultation to reaching their goal. We create a holistic Personalised Student Pathway for each student - from university selection strategy, to test preparation and personal statement support, to extracurricular mentoring and interview practice. The process is overseen by our Senior Consultants and our expert Advisors. 

Personalised Student Pathways

Individualised Support for a Competitive Advantage

Get The Edge Pathway

Get The Edge

Avernus Advance Pathway

Avernus Advance

At Avernus Education we believe every student is able to Get The Edge and Advance if they get the right advice. Our core mission is to empower students to reach their full potential by providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed in a highly competitive academic environment. Whether you're an ambitious international student looking to study at one of the top G5 universities, or someone seeking to stand out in your application to other UK universities, our Personalised Pathways can help you achieve your goals.


Subject Specialist Pathways

Subject knowledge enhancement and mentorship



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Engineering & STEM

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At Avernus we pride ourselves on a flexible and bespoke approach that is unique to each student. Each Personalised Student Pathway is different to the next.

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Get The Edge Pathway

We believe every student is able to Get The Edge and gain a competitive advantage over their peers if they get the right advice. Our Get The Edge Pathway gives students the opportunity to start early and get a head-start.

Typically for students in Year 11 or below (Ages 12-16)

Our students join us at many different stages, depending on their aims and ambitions. We welcome a range of ages to our Get The Edge and Avernus Advance Pathways.

Students can also select from our other services. 


Avernus Advance Pathway

Our mentorship helps students successfully Advance to the next phase of their education. The Avernus Advance Pathway is for students currently pursuing pre-university studies and are beginning the university application process. This pathway guarantees to advance you beyond the classroom.

Typically for students in Year 12 or above (Ages 16-18)

What might a Personalised Student Pathway look like for you?

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Your Journey

Goal identification and developing a passion:

  • Understand what's out there

  • Introduction to different subjects, GCSEs, and A-levels

  • Industry Insights: a changing world of work and opportunities

  • Exploring related & new degrees

  • Forging a pathway to university, and a career beyond!

  • What do I need to do, and when?

  • Making the right choices for you


Subject Enrichment

Discovering your subject beyond the classroom and curriculum:

  • Inspirational subject insights

  • Subject-specific pathways and knowledge enhancement

  • Expert lectures, assigned reading, research tasks and mock 'tutorials'

  • Socratic debate (argumentative dialogue) on key issues of each major subject

  • Interdisciplinary brainstorm and subject enrichment exposure


Crafting Your Narrative

A deep-dive into your profile as an applicant:

  • Personal Statement masterclass

  • Bespoke consultation and reviews

  • Stretch and challenge: prompted research and discussion with subject mentors

  • Introduction to interviews and how to prepare

  • Personal Skills Workshop

  • Oxbridge Inspire- is this for me?

  • Character portfolio enhancement

  • Fine-tuning your strategy


Application Strategy

Holistic and guided preparation to gain confidence and experience:

  • University and degree selection

  • Application test preparation and feedback

  • How to cope with at-interview unseen texts, problems and scenarios

  • Talk on statistics of applications, next steps, and alternative routes to studying and jobs

  • Mock interviews and feedback


Future Prospects

Awareness and exposure! Get inspired by careers, university lifestyle, and a world view!

  • Careers 'marketplace' and exposure- unique opportunities to speak with industry leaders and our Oxbridge and G5 mentors

  • Character development, confidence & personal skills

  • Bespoke consultation: Next Steps including academic competitions, virtual internships, summer intensives and work experience

At Avernus Education, we understand that every student has different needs and aspirations. That is why we offer a range of personalised packages to cater to the individual needs of each student. Our Subject Specialist Pathways include subject-specific enrichment, career-related preparation and age-specific mentoring.

Academic Enrichment and Enhancement

Our Personalised Student Pathways are complimented by other Avernus services  

Our mantra of Education Beyond The Classroom means a key focus is on providing a holistic approach to support our students. We work with students to identify and harness their strengths and interests, helping them to make informed decisions about their subject, university choices and potential career paths. We also provide advanced Oxbridge and G5-specific academic support and practical application guidance to help students stand out from the competition. Additionally, our pastoral support helps students navigate the cultural differences that they may face when studying in the UK.

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