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Hong Kong

Stay tuned for 2024 details!

Avernus Eduction has partnered with Genius Development to bring a truly exciting and unique range of Aspiring Intensives to Hong Kong this summer. For students ages 7-17, there is something inspirational and inspiring to aspire to. 

Be inspired, and aspire.

This summer Avernus Education in partnership with Genius Development are running summer intensives with the aim of embracing our philosophy of Education Beyond the Classroom. "Geniuses are made, not born", and we are excited to further the opportunities available in Hong Kong for ambitious and curious students.

Our flagship Young Doctor and Young Pilot programmes provide the perfect chance for students to interact with leading professionals, university undergraduates, and inspirational individuals to further their interests and enhance their portfolios.  Our Aspiring Intensives are undoubtedly the most exciting educational experience in Hong Kong this summer! We look forward to welcoming you to our programme. 

Young Pilot Programme 24th July- 4th August

Young Pilot

Young Doctor Programme 10th July - 28th July

Young Doctor Programme

An Aspiring Partnership.

Avernus Education is proud to partner with Genius Development to bring students exciting and innovative summer intensives designed to inspire and to give participants the edge over the competition. Students can stand out in their peer group by embracing these new challenges and taking a leap into the world of aviation and medicine.

Young Pilot
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Young Pilot Programme
Ages 11-17

Calling all aspiring pilots! If you want to experience what life is like in the aviation sector then look no further than our Young Pilot Programme.


Consisting of ten fun, informative and engaging workshops, students will explore the world of aviation learning about topics such as meteorology, aircraft mechanics, flight planning and more. Students will also get the opportunity to meet with a former pilot with over 13 years of commercial flying experience. In addition, students will also get to experience Genius’s state-of-the-art flight simulator. This is therefore an invaluable opportunity and a great way to spend your summer!

This unique programme is conducted by experienced pilots and Cambridge students. The course includes, Navigation and Flight Planning, Aircraft Design and Mechanics, the History of Aviation, Simulated Flight Training, Aviation Regulation and Safety, and Air Traffic Control.

Contact us to sign up and to discover more about the programme!

Young Doctor

Young Doctor Programme
Ages 7-15 

Are you an aspiring doctor? If so, look no further than our Aspiring Doctor Summer Intensive. This course has a highly practical and clinical focus, exploring topics such as neuroscience, anatomy, chronic illness and global health issues. The programme is conducted by NHS Doctors alongside Oxford and UCL Medical Students.

Our Young Doctor Intensive Summer Course offers children the chance to learn about the basics of medicine and life as a doctor. In this exciting program, students will explore a range of medical topics including first aid, the human body and how to deal with patients. Moreover, by carrying out their own research project, they will foster their curiosity for medicine and science. Therefore, with a fun and engaging curriculum designed specifically for young children, this course is perfect for any aspiring young doctors out there!

For students aged 12-15 the course goes further beyond the traditional curriculum, ensuring they benefit most from our experienced medical instructors. Furthermore, with a focus on application and a strong link to medical admissions tests and interviews, students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a future career in the healthcare industry. Thus, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to build your skills and enhance your medical knowledge!

Contact us to sign up and to discover more about the programme!

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Programme costs

Our expert tutors and professionals provide the highest-quality of education for your children

All programmes are conducted in person, in Hong Kong at the Genius Development Cyberport Campus

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Aspiring Tutoring

Our Aspiring Intensives can be supplemented with tutoring and mentorship extending to all subjects and aspirational needs. Examples include:

  • Bespoke mentorship

  • Study Skills

  • Subject tuition

  • English Conversation and Accent Class

  • Test Preparation


  • Maths and Essay Competitions

  • Reading (Beginner -Advanced)

  • A levels, GCSEs, IB Subjects

  • Essay Writing

  • Debate and Public Speaking

  • Admissions Assessments: LNAT, BMAT, UCAT, STEP, HAT, ELAT, TSA etc.

  • UK University Applications: Including Personal Statement, Interviews, Course/University Choice

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