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Welcome to Avernus Education

Welcome to Avernus Education, a leading British educational consultancy that specialises in helping international students gain entry into UK universities and schools. Our team of experienced tutors, advisors and consultants, all of whom are current or past students at prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, provide personalised mentoring, application assistance, and academic support to give students the best chance of success. We believe in a personalised and supportive approach to education, and work with students to understand their unique needs and goals, developing customised plans that help them achieve success. Our team provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the academic journey, helping students navigate challenges and achieve their full potential.


Empowering Students for Future Success

London - Cambridge - Hong Kong

Avernus Education offers a wide range of educational services, including academic mentorship, test preparation, extracurricular guidance, and university application support. We work with students and schools across the UK, in Hong Kong, and globally, to develop personalised plans that fit their unique needs and goals, and we provide ongoing support throughout the academic journey.


Avernus Education are trusted and established experts in student mentorship and long-term educational planning. We offer 360 degree support for international students, parents, schools and organisations, specialising in university strategy, preparation and application services, alongside school placement and bridging programmes.

We understand the challenges that international students face when studying in the UK. We help guide students along their pathway from school to university, simplifying the application process and providing students with an advantage through individualised selection strategy and subject preparation.


Getting into a UK school or university is challenging and competitive. Many students benefit from expert advice and tuition, beyond the school curriculum. The online and residential programmes at Avernus Education give students this additional support, but also provide inspiration and direction, helping students to get ahead of the competition and to maximise their chance of success. We work in collaboration with students, parents, organisations and schools to support young learners in their educational pathway, no matter what phase of the journey they are in.


ASIC accreditation helps students and parents make a more informed choice and will also help a school, college, university, training provider or distance education provider, demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high quality institution.

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Our Advisors

A Network of Experts

At the core of Avernus Education’s student mentoring and school support packages are the Advisors. Our extensive network of expert Advisors at Avernus ensures that students are able to Get the Edge over the competition and succeed. These specialists are ‘on the ground’ either currently studying at the world’s best universities, or engaging in high level research and postgraduate work. They know what it takes to apply and succeed, and offer the latest cutting edge insights into their subject area and how to prepare.


Student Mentorship

Our mentorship model sees students receive individualised support in every aspect of their journey, from initial consultation to reaching their goal. At Avernus Education we create a Personalised Student Pathway for each individual - from university selection strategy, test preparation and academic enhancement, to extracurricular mentoring and interview practice. Our Advisors are at the heart of this provision.

Our Results

A Track Record of Success

At Avernus Education, we are proud of our track record of success. Our students gain acceptance to some of the top universities in the world, and achieve outstanding results on standardised tests. Our philosophy that any students can Get the Edge and maximise their existing portfolio is demonstrated by our track record. Through Education Beyond the Classroom our students successfully advance to the next phase of their education.

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Hear from our current students


Oxbridge Inspire
Avernus Education works with schools to provide bespoke Oxbridge Inspire courses online or on campus

Colorful Books


1 Day Pop-Up

We offer schools a free seminar or information evening, alongside a day of workshops, small group sessions on UK universities, degree subjects and a 'marketplace' careers session with leading mentors. It is offered by our expert consultants and current students from Oxford and Cambridge, and can include 1-to-1s for your leading pupils during the day


5 Day Camp

A school-specific programme of student development. It enabled students to engage deeply with subject-experts, develop public speaking and deb, discover more about UK universities (especially Oxbridge and London) and get the edge over their competition by working with our team to begin thinking about key parts of a successful application process


Full Application Cycle

A comprehensive, 3-8 month online offering to deliver seminars and mentoring across all aspect of the UK university applications process. Online 1-to-1s with our large network of Oxbridge students lead test prep, while Personal Statements, course and college choice are also mentored by our team. We arange mock interviews, and facilitate elite application support

Case studies

John, a student in Shanghai, wanted to attend a top university in the UK. We worked with him to develop a customised plan for G5 applications that included test preparation (including BMAT, UCAT and IELTs), academic counseling, and complete written application support. In addition to him attending our expert lectures and enrichment sessions, he was accepted to his top choice university, and is now pursuing his academic goals with confidence.
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Nominated Best of British by Business Reporter

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