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Application Mentorship

Avernus Education specialises in expert university strategy, application and preparation. Every student can Get The Edge and gain a competitive advantage over their peers if they get the right advice. We work with students to identify and harness their strengths and interests, helping them to make informed decisions about their subject, course and university choice as well as potential career path.

Enrichment & Enhancement

Our advanced academic support and practical application guidance is complemented by a range of other expert-led masterclasses including interview and public speaking training, academic competition assistance, Personal Statement preparation, and university admissions test mentoring. All of these help our students stand out and succeed in a highly competitive academic environment.

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Interview Preparation Masterclass

Interviews are the final, and most important part of the application process for all Oxford and Cambridge applications, for vocational courses such as medicine and dentistry, and for most courses at Imperial and UCL. Very few students have undergone an interview of any kind. Preparation and mentorship from experts is vital for success. An interview is the best chance to make a positive impression on admissions tutors. They do not expect students to know the answer to every question, but they do expect to see how candidates develop ideas based on wider subject knowledge.


Avernus offers bespoke interview preparation and training including one-on-one mock interviews with university and school application specialists, and with recruiters. Our experts provide students with valuable verbal and written feedback, ensuring individuals our best prepared and know how to stand out to admissions tutors. For example, Avernus provides structured approaches to common questions and tasks across all subject areas, and ideas how to best display passion and knowledge of a chosen subject, expanding on the hard work already done on a personal statement and admission test.

Public Speaking Training Masterclass

Our cutting-edge public speaking masterclasses encourage students to think critically about topics and put forward their own opinions on topical academic issues. Sessions are led by experienced debaters, with some overseen by the President of the Oxford Union, which is the most prestigious debating society in the world. By participating in the programme, your students are guaranteed to develop their leadership skills, gain an ability to think on their feet and improve their academic English. Furthermore, students can receive a ‘Speaking in Public’ qualification, which is certified by LAMDA - the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

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Academic Competition Mentoring

Successful participation in academic competitions is highly regarded by university admissions tutors. Experience of this process helps students stand out, and will add to a personal statement or can be discussed at interview. Avernus works with students on essay submissions, presentation preparation, debate techniques and argument formation. Popular competitions include the John Locke Institute essay, as well as STEM Olympiads, the British Mathematical Olympiad, the World Scholar’s Cup or even Model United Nations events, requiring strong writing and presentation skills. Avernus can support students with every event preparation, helping them develop their work before submission deadlines and ensuring the best possible results to get the edge.

Personal Statement Masterclass

Avernus Education supports our students in Advancing to the next phase of their education. The ‘Personal Statement’ is a crucial part of all university applications. Every student applying to a UK university must submit one. A personal statement is a chance to get noticed for the unique talents and experiences that students have. It’s an important part of the application process as it’s an opportunity to talk about yourself and your passions, outside of your grades. It ultimately provides a chance to convince universities they should offer a place.


Even applicants who enjoy writing often find their personal statement intimidating. Striking the right tone, the perfect amount of detail, knowing what’s relevant to put in and what isn’t, are just a few of the elements to consider. Our expert Advisors will help you stand out from the crowd by showcasing who you are and what you can bring to a university as you begin your undergraduate journey. Avernus assists our students in producing a finely balanced and academically impressive statement to submit.

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University Admission Tests Mentoring

Competitive courses at Oxbridge require students to take a specific admissions test. Other top universities also use entrance tests in their admissions process, especially for Medical or Law School. The tests are unique to each institution, and are separate from public examinations. They decide who gets an interview and who gets an offer of a place. Cambridge and Oxford entrance exams test more than just thinking skills. They focus on the applicant’s aptitude and subject understanding beyond school and exams. Competition is tough, so it is important to prepare thoroughly and score high.


Our experts guide students on the Pathway to success in these exams. The following exams are supported: IELTs, TSA, MAT, STEP, PAT, NSAA, ENGAA, TMUA, BMAT, UCAT, LNAT, ELAT, HAT and at-interview assessments.

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EPQ Masterclass

Our EPQ Masterclass provides exceptional online support. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an independent research project allowing students to delve deeper into a particular subject. It is highly regarded by leading UK universities and seen as an essential way for students to stand out in their applications. The EPQ can equate to 28 UCAS points and goes to meet UCAS Tariff requirements for entry into top universities. EPQs are typically completed in the final year of secondary school, or earlier. Our online provision mentors students through the full qualification, or assists with a certain aspect of it at times to suit the candidate.

Medical Multi Mini Interviews (MMIs)

Avernus provides individualised support and mentorship for every prospective Medical Student from top Medicine and Science tutors in the UK - including those doing active research and PhD's at Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and UCL. Our masterclass sessions prepare students with cutting edge questions and debates in the field of Medicine to stand out. Students receive a minimum of two mock interviews before their real application interview. This includes detailed feedback, and opportunities to develop weaknesses and build confidence conversing in an academic manner. Medicine interviews often feature moral and ethical questions that many students have not encountered before - every style of question approach is worked on with an expert at Avernus.

Many of our students also participate in our Medicine subject specialist Pathway.

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Separate Academic Enrichment Mentoring is available to help students with their academic studies and preparation for public examinations. It is never too early to receive online academic support to supplement classrooms lessons or reach beyond the curriculum. Any student can receive support from Avernus Education in any subject and Get the Edge at GCSE or Advance at A-Level. We support students in all subjects across different examination boards. Whether a consistent enhancement of students’ existing understanding of their subject, or as a last-minute revision exercise, our Advisors will design a bespoke study plan to enrich your subject knowledge, cover any weaknesses and help achieve the best possible grades.

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