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Avernus Education is a leading provider of educational services and residential courses. Our two-week Oxford Summer Course provides a transformative and enjoyable educational experience to students from around the globe at a world-class university. Our Explore Medicine courses help students to broaden their academic horizons, further their passion and interest in Medicine and related areas of science and healthcare, and get ahead in the competitive environment of Medical School university applications and their career. We look forward to welcoming you to the programme!

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Explore Medicine Programme
At Oxford University 

Get ahead and advance your preparations to apply to medical school or study a medicine based degree. During this course, you’ll gain a well-rounded view of various areas within medicine that will help you further decide which area you would like to focus on. This course provides the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience so prepare to be challenged and inspired!

Students will learn the theory behind modern medicine, including anatomy, physiology and human disease. They will learn clinical skills such as dissection, how to read an X-ray diagram, interpret a electrocardiogram, and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Students will also have a chance to meet patients and participate in clinical scenarios.

Medicine Programme Overview

Foundation Medicine

  • Human physiology: Dive into how the human body works as we cover the major organ systems in our body.

  • Clinical skills: Learn how to administer various types of injections. Learn how to perform stitching through hands-on practice.

  • Experience cardiology: Find out the science behind the heartbeat. Learn how to interpret an electrocardiogram and use a stethoscope.

  • Emergency Medicine: Understand the principles of first-aid in an interactive manner. Learn how to perform CPR through hands-on practice and learn how to read a chest X-ray.

  • Knowledge enhancement: Delve into the academic and scientific content needed to succeed in an application to medical school.

  • Towards a degree: Enhance your knowledge of degree related concepts and improve your critical thinking skills through a range of activities and scenarios.

Civil Engineering

  • Medical ethics: Learn the principles of medical ethics and ethical frameworks. Engage in discussion and debate around modern medical ethics such as euthanasia, embryo research, genetic therapy and cloning, allocation of limited medical resources.

  • Meet a patient: Participate in clinical scenarios by meeting patients. Listen to the patients on their medical history and symptoms. Perform physical examinations and produce a diagnosis.

  • Future of medicine: Learn how technology will shape the future of medicine.

  • How to be a doctor? Learn the steps to become a doctor and different specialties of medicine. Meet a young medical professional from a top university, and learn from their success.

  • Get ahead in your university application: Learn from experts and current medical undergraduates to get insider tips and advice. Perfect a medical school Personal Statement and experience the MMI (interview) process. Work through guided advanced reading lists and understand how to stand out from the competition.

Classmates in the Library

Medical School Application Masterclass

Go beyond the school curriculum to ignite and foster your passion by being exposed to degree level concepts and bespoke subject knowledge enhancement and tuition. The curriculum is delivered by our expert advisors and tutors, all from leading British universities. Alongside core subject exploration sessions, every student on our residential courses will participate in exclusive university preparation masterclass clinics. From degree strategy and university selection, to how to craft a compelling Personal Statement and perform during an interview, our range of exciting application mentorship sessions will ensure participants are able to get the edge and stand out from the competition during their university applications and beyond.

Our highly qualified staff members are experts in their academic subject areas and pastoral care. We are especially proud of the quality of our teaching and mentorship. Our team has a deep understanding of the UK education system as well as the ambitions of international students. Avernus Education works in close partnership with students and their parents to provide a holistic and unique experience for all our students. Contact us for more information and a course brochure.

*Avernus Education is not affiliated to the University of Cambridge, Oxford and London, nor their constituent colleges

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