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Avernus Education is a leading provider of educational services and residential courses. Our two-week Oxford Summer Course provides a transformative and enjoyable educational experience to students from around the globe at a world-class university. Our Business & Finance courses help students to broaden their academic horizons, further their proficiency in finance and business understanding, and get ahead in the competitive environment of university or job applications. We look forward to welcoming you to the programme!


Explore Business & Finance Programme
At Oxford University 

Unleash your potential with Avernus Education's MBA programme. Combining Business and Finance with Economics and Negotiation elements, the course goes beyond the school curriculum to explore the world of business and finance, giving students the competitive edge in their academic and professional aspirations in one of the most popular and competitive career paths in the world.


Gain an in-depth understanding of essential business concepts, including economics, finance, marketing, and negotiation. You'll learn how to think strategically, analyse financial statements, and understand market dynamics, essential skills to becoming a successful business leader of tomorrow. Our team of mentors will provide you with first-hand knowledge of real-world business situations, offering case studies, simulations, and interactive workshops, giving you a taste of life in the business world. They will guide you in the development of your leadership and teamwork skills; by the end of the course, you'll have developed a strong foundation in business, economics, finance, and negotiation, ready to take on the challenges of higher education or the business world.

Programme Overview

Key Principles and Theories

  • Underpinning principles: introduction to key management theories and case studies, learning about the principles and practices required to be successful in both building a business, and managing a team

  • Economics and Finance crash course: dissect key issues from macroeconomics and how businesses succeed and fail within a domestic economy to measuring economic performance, markets, and competition

  • Corporate management and strategic thinking: Introduction to the interrelationships between the firm, its employees and its markets, and the implications for corporate financial strategy

  • Business Markets: Explore the ever-changing nature of business firms and the markets in which they operate. Explore the role of market intelligence, proposition development and brand strategy in an effort to meet and influence the needs of the market.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

  • The Dynamics of Business: How do companies differentiate themselves and create value in competitive industries? Explore core principles of entrepreneurial behaviours that drive value creation.

  • Trends & Innovation in International Business: explore how companies utilise innovation in order to remain competitive and consider both success and failure case studies.

  • Market Intelligence and How to Develop a Brand: Explore how to market products and services, run promotions, and make a profit.

  • The digital age: start-ups in the digital age, investment and strategic success in a fast moving digital age  

  • Resilience and adaptability: Planning for sustainable business.

Taking the Helm

  • Project conception and management: students draw on their existing creativity to explore project management, organisational behaviour and different management styles for a variety of contexts. 

  • Aspiring entrepreneur and business leader challenge!  You will have the opportunity to research and brainstorm innovative ideas alongside your peers drawing on business principles, innovation methods and entrepreneurial thinking. 

  • Business modelling and presentation skills: Sharpen your creative thinking, business modelling, presentation and leadership skills

  • Making a Business Pitch: collaborate with your peers to research, design, market and pitch a new business idea. 

  • Conference Day: research your own case study - choosing a particular industry, company or business leader that inspires you. Share your findings in a simulated conference and learn from your fellow course delegates. Enhance your leadership & networking skills

  • CV Clinic: get the edge with this practical workshop and get ahead in this competitive field

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University Application Masterclass

This course is perfect for anyone considering pursuing a Business, Finance or Marketing degree at university. Go beyond the school curriculum to ignite and foster your passion by being exposed to degree level concepts and bespoke subject knowledge enhancement and tuition. The curriculum is delivered by our expert advisors and tutors, all from leading British universities. Alongside core subject exploration sessions, every student on our residential courses will participate in exclusive university preparation masterclass clinics. From degree strategy and university selection, to how to craft a compelling Personal Statement and perform during an interview, our range of exciting application mentorship sessions will ensure participants are able to get the edge and stand out from the competition during their university applications and beyond.

Our highly qualified staff members are experts in their academic subject areas and pastoral care. We are especially proud of the quality of our teaching and mentorship. Our team has a deep understanding of the UK education system as well as the ambitions of international students. Avernus Education works in close partnership with students and their parents to provide a holistic and unique experience for all our students. Contact us for more information and a course brochure.

*Avernus Education is not affiliated to the University of Cambridge, Oxford and London, nor their constituent colleges

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