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Avernus Education is a leading provider of educational services and residential courses. Our two-week Oxford Summer Course provides a transformative and enjoyable educational experience to students from around the globe at a world-class university. Our Explore Politics, Public Speaking and Debate courses help students to broaden their academic horizons, further their passion and interest in Politics and International Relations, and get ahead in the competitive environment of Humanities university applications and their career. We look forward to welcoming you to the programme!

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Explore Politics, Debating and Public Speaking Programme
At Oxford University 

During this course, we will consider various different political issues, from national crises and foreign policy, to election campaigns, and government healthcare. The issues looked at in this course will allow you to debate key issues, such as what you, your country and the global community can do to prevent and respond to the challenges facing our short-term and long-term futures.


This course has many transferable skills. You will develop your confidence and learn the persuasive techniques and skills required to rebut any argument. Everything discussed and learnt during the course are essential skills needed to succeed in many careers and daily life. You’ll learn what made famous speeches so powerful and put your skills to the test in our various challenges and live debates about contemporary global issues. Below is a sample of the different modules that are delivered throughout the two week programme to all participants.

Programme Overview

British Politics

  • Introduction to Politics: Gain an overview of political theory and explore how the world should be and how government should ideally work.

  • Political Systems around the world: Examine and debate a range of global political systems, comparing the UK with other countries. Combine theoretical and practical approaches

  • Democracy and elections: Understand how elections work and embark on your own political campaign

  • Public Speaking Skills: Build up the necessary skills for presentations, speeches and public speaking. Learn what made famous speeches powerful.

  • Be a Prime Minister: You are the PM. Identify a pressing current issue and develop a plan to tackle it. Present it to everyone.

International Politics

  • International Law and Organisations: Gain an overview of international law and explore the role of international organisations such as United Nations, World Health Organisation, World Trade Organisations in tackling different international issues.

  • Global Issues: Examine and debate a range of global political issues, such as climate change, biodiversity preservation, covid-19.

  • Debating Skills: Focus on such as poverty, human rights and refugees. Learn persuasive techniques and skills to rebut any argument. Put your skills to the test in our live debates.

  • Model United Nations: Put your diplomacy skills to the test by taking the role of a diplomat in a simulation UN council

Campaigns and Debates

  • International Relations: Learn about principles that guide international relations. Explore causes of international conflicts and war.

  • Global Issues: Examine and debate a range of global political issues, such as hunger, child abuse and water security.

  • British Parliamentary Debating: Learn about the rules, styles and strategies of British Parliamentary Debating. Put your debating skills to the tests in our debating challenge

  • Mock Political Campaign: Analyse political campaign and develop a campaign strategy in our mock campaign. Deliver persuasive speech and defend your political position in a media interview.

  • Measuring Political Impact: What you Need To Know About Contemporary British Politics

Classmates in the Library

University Application Masterclass

Go beyond the school curriculum to ignite and foster your passion by being exposed to degree level concepts and bespoke subject knowledge enhancement and tuition. The curriculum is delivered by our expert advisors and tutors, all from leading British universities. Alongside core subject exploration sessions, every student on our residential courses will participate in exclusive university preparation masterclass clinics. From degree strategy and university selection, to how to craft a compelling Personal Statement and perform during an interview, our range of exciting application mentorship sessions will ensure participants are able to get the edge and stand out from the competition during their university applications and beyond.

Our highly qualified staff members are experts in their academic subject areas and pastoral care. We are especially proud of the quality of our teaching and mentorship. Our team has a deep understanding of the UK education system as well as the ambitions of international students. Avernus Education works in close partnership with students and their parents to provide a holistic and unique experience for all our students. Contact us for more information and a course brochure.

*Avernus Education is not affiliated to the University of Cambridge, Oxford and London, nor their constituent colleges

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